Kings Beach Art Tour: Discover works of local artists

Cathy McClelland’s “Bear Time.” | Cathy McClelland

Kings Beach Art Tour | Aug. 5 & 6 | 11 a.m.-5 p.m. | Kings Beach & Tahoe Vista venues

Kings Beach artists Cathy Strand and Cathy McClelland sat on a ski chairlift together and dreamed of having a casual, neighborhood, open-to-the-public art tour to showcase North Lake Tahoe’s local talent that became the annual Kings Beach Art Tour now featuring two dozen local artists.

This year’s art tour features 24 artists in seven locations, all within a 1.4-mile distance. There are two studios in Tahoe Vista that will be featuring new artists: Lauren Chorey will be on 7697 Pinedrop Lane and painter Monique Argent will be at 7820 Lincoln Green along with five other artists. The rest of the artists will be on the east side of Highway 267 in Kings Beach, near each other.

“As always, this is my favorite thing that I look forward to all year. It’s a wonderful way to show my artwork and reconnect with people. There’s a special feeling about this tour, the camaraderie we all have with each other and personally, I think it’s better than any other set up I’ve seen,” says Strand, who just attended an open studio tour in San Luis Obispo a few months ago. “I like showing off my studio and the process that I use to create my work.”

Strand sees people coming back year after year and is excited to host fellow artists Mary Faucher and Geoff McGilvray at her house on 8580 Loch Leven Ave. this year.

“Everyone has a different motivation in attending. If you like a particular kind of art, I suggest going to the website to see what medium you’re most interested in and then planning your route around that. Or think of it as a good walk and start on Speckled and walk down to Tahoe Backyard,” said Strand.

Since the art tour is on two days from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., attendees can also split it up into two sections, visiting the Tahoe Vista/west Kings Beach locations one day and the main Kings Beach studios the next.

I’ve ridden my bike up National Avenue in Tahoe Vista and cut over to Cathy McClelland’s house on Lincoln Green, then worked my way over to Tahoe Backyard. A lot of people were doing the art tour on e-bikes last year, too. | Download the map at