Frozen cocktail creations

Frozen Aperol Spritz. | Priya Hutner

The sweet flavor of end-of-summer peaches, the tart taste of cherries or a delectable blend of berries take a cocktail creation to new heights. Add some ice to the fruit, a favorite spirit and a fabulous frozen cooling cocktail is born.

I detest waste. If I know my fruit might go bad, I freeze it. Frozen fruit is perfect to use when preparing frozen cocktails, which are also called alcohol slushies. They are easy to make and a hit at parties, outdoor gatherings and barbecues.

The Daiquiri, piña colada and margarita are some of the most popular drinks and are excellent frozen cocktails. The rum-based tart and tangy Daiquiri is traditionally made with lime. Over the years, strawberry, raspberry, peach, pineapple, mango or mixed berries have taken center stage as the star of the delectable Daiquiri.

Couldn’t finish that opened bottle of red wine? I do hate waste. Stash leftover wine in the fridge and use it for making frozen sangria slushies.

The piña colada is another rum-based drink that works well frozen. The Jimmy Buffet song goes around in my head. If you like piña coladas, they are easy to make. Blend rum, coconut cream, fresh pineapple or pineapple juice and ice. Freezing fresh pineapple adds a richer flavor than using ice. A frozen pina colada will transport you to the islands. Tweak a pina colada with the addition of mango or banana.

Another famous island rum drink is a Rum Runner and it works well blended with ice. So many rum cocktails, so little time. Time to move on to tequila.

Margaritas are a frozen favorite tequila drink. Salt on the rim is a must. It creates a salty-sweet, tart, tangy, lime-forward margarita that is most satisfying. Add your favorite fruit and create a new version of margarita.

Frozen Paloma is a grapefruit-forward drink. Blend Tequila (blanco works best), fresh grapefruit juice (ruby reds are fabulous) or if possible, use fresh paloma. Add lime juice, a dash of simple syrup, blend it with ice and enjoy. The 1930 Tequila Sunrise can also be blended with ice to make a beautiful slushie.

Frozen drinks are also great for those who love vodka. Try a vodka lemonade cocktail, add strawberries or iced tea.

A slushie Sex on the Beach cocktail also uses vodka along with peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice and frozen peaches. A frozen Cosmopolitan works well, too. The gingery Moscow Mule uses vodka and can also be frozen.

Use gin instead of vodka to create a London Mule. For gin lovers, also try a frozen gin and tonic slushie or a gin lemonade and mint frozen cocktail.

Mostly I love bourbon, and I usually drink it neat. Some might dabble in a frozen Old Fashioned or frozen Manhattan. My grandparents used to make frozen whiskey sours with frozen limeade concentrate and ice.

I enjoy a good Prosecco, and a frozen Prosseco cocktail is easy to make. In a blender, add a shot of vodka, lime juice, ice and blend. Pour into a glass and top with Prosecco. A mint leaf adds a nice touch to this cocktail.

Frozen Bellini is another fun cocktail using Prosecco or sparkling wine. Blackberry Bellini is one of my favorite types of Bellini, but a peach Bellini runs a close second.

Frosés use Rosé wine. Add a touch of vodka (or not), berries, sugar, lemon juice and blend with ice. A darker heartier Rosé is recommended.

Couldn’t finish that opened bottle of red wine? I do hate waste. Stash leftover wine in the fridge and use it for making frozen sangria slushies.

Every so often, I indulge in an Aperol Spritz. This light and easy cocktail also makes a great frozen drink.

Most cocktails are easy enough to make nonalcoholic. Just leave out the alcohol. Sometimes a mocktail is a great refreshing option. New icy creations are evolving and created all the time. Add a twist, use herbs, try different fruits and have fun with tasty frozen drinks.

Frozen Aperol Spritz

8 oz. Aperol
12 oz. Prosecco (additional for topping)
1 C orange juice
Orange slices for garnish

Combine the first three ingredients in a blender with ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and top with Prosecco. Garnish with an orange slice.