Tahoe Weekly’s next chapter New name, Patron Circle launched

Tahoe Weekly – now known as Tahoe Guide – launches its next chapter with this edition. Along with our new name, we’re also introducing our new membership program we are calling our Patron Circle.

Patron Circle membership
The pandemic has been a hard struggle for the publishing industry over the last few years, including for our small, independently owned and operated magazine. We made it through the pandemic due to a lot of hard work from our staff and contributors, along with financial donations that many readers provided to us.

Many of you requested that I set up a membership program so that you could easily make monthly contributions. I was initially hesitant to do so, but as with every other publication, we are also feeling the financial strain of lost advertising dollars that has not rebounded from the pandemic.

There is a myriad of reasons for this. First, many other local small business owners still report they are struggling with staffing issues caused by a worsening housing market for workers. Second, we can’t compete with the allure of cheap social media channels and some businesses chose to spend their money with multi-national, multi-billion-dollar corporate entities that make their products cheap because they sell your personal and digital data to other companies.

We, on the other hand, don’t sell anyone’s data and we employ local writers and staff to produce quality, well-researched articles to tell the stories of Tahoe from local artists and restaurants, to wildfire preparedness and public access to the backcountry, to local history and visitor impacts (which includes our feature “Tahoe’s trash troubles” in this edition).

If you are interested in supporting our work and the work of our writers and staff, please consider joining our Patron Circle as a member at tahoeguide.fundjournalism.com. You can donate one time or make a monthly contribution of any amount. By joining, you’ll receive a monthly newsletter for members only with exclusive content along with special discounts and ticket giveaways to local events throughout the year. We also accept donations by mail.

Patrons who sign up to donate $10 a month or make a one-time donation of $100 or more will also receive a print subscription mailed to your home.

Tahoe Guide name
Since I bought the magazine in 2013 (it will be 10 years in November), I’ve wanted to change the name and we came close a few years ago but held off during the pandemic when the timing wasn’t right. Now it is. 

Our new name – Tahoe Guide – reflects who we are today and who we have been for the last several years more than the name Tahoe Weekly. 

The new name is fitting in many ways. It reflects our roots as the region’s original visitor guide founded in 1982. We are known as the music guide, the food guide, the arts guide, the outdoor guide and the sightseeing guide. And we publish a number of “guides” throughout the year including Family Fun, Downhill, Backcountry, Nordic, Golf, and Tahoe Music, Events & Festivals. 

Since the pandemic, we’ve also made changes to our publication schedule and are doing so again. We will continue to publish twice a month from May to September and in December, while switching to only one edition a month in October, November and from January to April.


We’ll be called Tahoe Guide and our website will be YourTahoeGuide.com. In the coming weeks, we’ll be switching over our website with our new logo and URL. As part of the changeover, our email addresses will change to @yourtahoeguide.com. There may be times when the website is inaccessible while we transfer to the new domain. The full editions of the magazine are available at issuu.com/TheTahoeWeekly if you can’t access the website.

But all the former URL links and emails will remain active for most of the next year and be forwarded to the new domain name to make it easier for our readers and clients.

Thank you for all your support through the years and I look forward to this new, exciting chapter for our magazine.

Katherine E. Hill
Publisher/Owner & Editor In Chief

Patron Circle membership


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