South Shore’s best wings

Classic Cue bartender Tali in front of a heaping basket of maple bacon wings. | Kayla

Chicken wings are increasingly becoming more popular in the Tahoe Sierra as places like Palisades Tahoe and the Shops at Heavenly Village are hosting chicken wing competitions in the fall. It makes sense as wings do tend to be the perfect thing to munch on when watching football and hanging out with friends. As recommended by locals, here are some of the top wing choices in South Lake Tahoe.

Classic Cue
Near the wye where Highway 89 intersects with Highway 50 on the southwest side, Classic Cue is a perfect stop to watch football, play pool or get a meal.

I ordered six maple bacon wings off Classic Cue’s secret menu with a side of Cajun tots and a few minutes later the heaping basket of snacks came out with sides of ranch and chunky maple bacon sauce. The meaty wings not only smelled but also tasted amazing, and I had enough to last for two more meals. |

Sonney’s BBQ Shack Bar & Grill
Less than a mile from Classic Cue, Sonney’s BBQ Shack only has buffalo wings on the menu and the hostess steered me toward the world-famous pig wings. The pig wings are tender and succulent, covered in a savory Korean BBQ sauce and spices on top of a bed of lightly tangy coleslaw. I’m not sure why they’ve called them wings when they look and taste like short ribs (they’re braised pork shanks). They hit the spot much like chicken wings. |

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Emerald Bay Bar & Grill
The bar was packed on an autumn Saturday afternoon, likely due to the bachelor party that was in town and the $15 bottomless mimosas until 2 p.m. There are at least five different options for hot wings including everything from habanero honey and housemade dry rub to the East Meets West combination of BBQ and teriyaki sauce doused chicken. I ordered the most popular buffalo wings, a pound of bird smothered in hot sauce with pepper flakes, and they didn’t disappoint. |

Artemis Lakefront Cafe
Known for delicious breakfast and gyros at a reasonable price, I also learned through the grapevine that Artemis has tantalizing chicken wings. On a pleasant quiet evening as people were eating meals outside around firepits and inside at the bar or near the TVs, I got the gluten-free Greek Wings consisting of spicy garlic-herb wings served with a generous helping of tzatziki/feta sauce. I ate a couple and took the rest to go. They smelled so good in my car that the rest almost didn’t make it home. |