Tahoe Literary Festival coming to Tahoe City

The inaugural Tahoe Literary Festival on Oct. 11 & 12, 2024, in Tahoe City will be a celebration of the region’s rich and diverse literary community through events that would be of interest to the community and visitors, while also providing a mutual support network for local writers and authors. We will also be opening many of the events to local teens and kids to engage them in the literary arts.

The festival, presented by Tahoe Guide and The Seasoned Sage, will include:

  • Author’s Panel
  • A Literary Open Mic Night
  • A short story/poetry (100-word) contest
  • Sessions on topics for writers
  • Author’s readings
  • Kids’ reading/storytelling

Funding for this inaugural event will be the catalyst to celebrating Tahoe’s unique literary artists community; provide a space to inspire young people in the arts; provide a venue to attract visitors and locals in the shoulder season to a Tahoe City event to bolster local businesses; and provide cultural offerings in North Lake Tahoe for everyone.

Tahoe is home to dozens of literary artists from New York Times-bestselling authors to popular, regional authors to freelance writers and poets. The creative energy in Tahoe has been inspiration to writers in many genres – fiction, nonfiction, memoir, essay, historical, environmental, outdoors, children’s literature, poetry and songwriting. Yet, there is no celebration for and about our local literary artists.

The Tahoe Literary Festival is the brainchild of Tahoe Guide Publisher Katherine E. Hill and Feature & Food Writer Priya Hutner. The goal of the event is to celebrate Tahoe’s literary community through an event that will foster creativity for all artists, including teens and children; to celebrate the diverse range of writing genres; and to feature noteworthy writers and authors in Tahoe.

As well, arts and cultural events are lacking in North Lake Tahoe to draw locals and visitors, which can also serve as an economic driver and foster community pride in an unrecognized, yet prolific, segment of the local economy.

In California, arts and culture sectors generated $261.1 billion to the state’s economy in 2021, representing 7.7% of the state’s GDP (gross domestic product), according to Americans for the Arts.

“Artist organizations employ people locally, purchase goods and services from nearby businesses, and produce the authentic cultural experiences that are magnets for visitors, tourists, and new residents,” according to the 2023 Arts & Economic Prosperity report from Americans for the Arts. “Event-related spending by their audiences generates valuable revenue for local merchants—dining in a nearby restaurant, paying to park or for a rideshare, shopping at local retail stores, and enjoying dessert after a show—a value-add few industries can compete with.”

“One-third of attendees (30%) traveled from outside the county in which the event took place. They spent twice that of their local counterparts. When asked, 77% of those nonlocal respondents said the primary purpose of their visit was to attend that cultural event,” according to Americans for the Arts.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the inaugural Tahoe Literary Festival, becoming a lodging partner, participating as a moderator or presenter, or want to join the organizing committee, please email Katherine Hill at publisher@yourtahoeguide.com.

Find more details at TahoeLitFest.com.