Tahoe’s historic golf courses

May “Queenie” Dunn-Webb. | Courtesy TCPUD

Famed as a haven for golf enthusiasts, the Tahoe Sierra boasts more than 20 courses featuring breathtaking panoramas and demanding fairways. Many of these courses have been crafted by renowned professional players or esteemed course architects, offering a blend of modern design and natural beauty.

Amidst these contemporary layouts, four courses nestled around Lake Tahoe hold the deepest connections to the region’s historic roots including Old Brockway Golf Course in Kings Beach, which open in 1924 and celebrates its 100th anniversary this season (read the feature in this edition).

Bijou Golf Course
This friendly nine-hole course on the South Shore opened in 1920. Bijou was first owned by Virgil Gilcrease and then changed hands once or twice before being sold to the City of South Lake Tahoe in 1983 with the condition that it remains available as a golf course. Almost a century after it opened, the course maintains its original configuration and is open to everyone at a great price.

Tahoe City Golf Course
Tahoe City Golf Course is the oldest at Lake Tahoe. It has been a locals’ favorite since 1917 when the legendary Tahoe Tavern Hotel commissioned Isabella May “Queenie” Dunn to design it.

Born in England in 1880, Queenie learned to play golf on a course laid out by her father, TomDunn, a famous club and course designer. Considered one of England’s best woman golfers and instructors, Mrs. Dunn Webb was among Great Britain’s first female professionals.

In 1917, Queenie arrived in Tahoe City at the request of the Tahoe Tavern and designed a 6-hole course in the hay meadows near the mouth of the Truckee River. It was expanded to nine holes in 1926. Her brother John designed Old Brockway Golf Course.

Glenbrook Golf Course
The 9-hole Glenbrook Golf Course is a private venue on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe in charming Glenbrook, Nev. Originally the site of industrial-scale lumber milling operations in the 19th Century run by timber baron Duane L. Bliss, the land was later developed into a gated community.

Construction of the golf course began in 1925, centered on meadowlands that sloped gently toward Lake Tahoe. It opened for business in 1927. Due to its status as a private club and community, Glenbrook didn’t get the same exposure to the celebrity traffic of Tahoe City and Old Brockway.

Note: Historical details were provided by Mark McLaughlin in a previous article published inTahoe Guide. Read the full article at YourTahoeGuide.com/golf.