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The past few months have been challenging for everyone, and especially for those directly impacted by the pandemic. Within days of sending our March 18 edition to press, we and the states of California and Nevada were on lock down. We ceased publishing will waiting for it all to end, but it just kept on going.

We saw a ray of hope in June when our local communities were able to start gradually reopening, but a month later, that’s all changed again. Businesses are shuttered or sharply restricted, and many are struggling. And, so are we.

Tahoe Weekly is a locally owned and operated Tahoe business. I’m the owner, Publisher, Editor In Chief, General Manager, Comptroller, Circulation Manager and a few other things. My employees are Tahoe locals, my writers are Tahoe locals, we use Tahoe photographers for our amazing covers and many of our vendors are locals. Many of our contributors rely on working for Tahoe Weekly as a primary source of their income.

We’re proud to be an independent, local media source supporting our local economy. But, we need donations from our supporters to keep us going.

Magazines like us rely on advertisers as our source of revenue, and our advertising dollars have decreased significantly recently. Our clients love our publication as much as our readers do, however, our clients are also struggling to make it through this difficult time and advertising is always the first thing to go.

So, we’re reaching out to our community to help us. We are asking for donations to Tahoe Weekly to support our staff and contributors so we can continue doing what we all love – covering the fun.

Dedicated to covering Tahoe
We’ve been covering the fun since 1982. In short, that’s what we do in every edition, but that includes a wide variety of coverage – outdoors & recreation, food & libations, arts & culture, history, sightseeing, events & entertainment and much more.

Since purchasing Tahoe Weekly from the previous owners in 2013 and becoming only the third owner of the magazine, I’ve also made a commitment to covering public access issues in our community. We are surrounding by vast public lands held by a myriad of public and private nonprofits. Our commitment is to cover how the public is able to access those lands, either through increased parking in the winter, to trail access for all users, to restrictions on how and by whom public land can be used and much more. You’ll see more coverage on this important issue in the coming weeks.

Dedicated to being free
Tahoe Weekly has long been a pioneer in providing free content to our readers from its first edition on Feb. 18, 1982.

We are committed to keeping our magazine available for free in our print edition, at – you’ll never have to pay to read our content online – and in our free, digital edition available on any device and for download at

We actually get a lot of requests for subscriptions, but it costs about $5 per issue to mail a single copy and we publish 36 times a year – that’s $180 a year.

Dedicated to our employees
Most importantly, I’m dedicated to my staff and contributors as a local employer and small Tahoe business. Most have become my friends and family, and I care about each and every one of them.

They are vital parts of Tahoe Weekly, but also of our Tahoe community. They work and live here, they raise their families here, they volunteer for community projects and events, and they support other local Tahoe businesses.

But, we can only continue to employ and support these locals through your help. You can support us by making a donation through You’ll find a link on our website or at or the PayPal app; you can find us at

Working with my amazing staff and contributors, and our loyal readers is what I look forward to every day and why I have the best job in Tahoe. Just in the last weeks, I’ve received some great positive notes from our readers, and I’ve shared a few here.

Thank you for reading Tahoe Weekly and supporting us through the years. We look forward to many, many more years to come.

“I pick up your rag when up skiing usually, but covid is dragging us all down. More power to you for keeping the faith in everything that is interesting in our area. … Keep it up, you’re helping to keep Tahoe alive! -Bruce R.

“I need to tell you, I have been at Northstar for 33 years, I bought all [Mark McLaughlin’s] books I could find about the Donner Party … I got reacquainted with your writing in the free Tahoe Weekly, last week I read an old one (2019) and your article gave the history of Hilltop. … it is wonderful that you contribute to the free paper because many people will get to read the history.” -Rosanne K.