Avoid nesting falcons

Peregrine falcon. | Mark Enders, Nevada Department of Wildlife

Peregrine falcons have returned to their nest at the top of Castle Rock on Kingsbury Grade on Lake Tahoe’s East Shore. In the 1970s, they were listed as an endangered species due to drastic population declines. After an extensive, world-wide recovery effort, they were delisted in 1999 and finally returned to Lake Tahoe in 2006 after a decades-long absence.

Falcons are sensitive to disturbance anywhere near the nest; any type of disruption, such as a drone flying overhead or people getting too close can lead to nest failure. Climbers and hikers should avoid the area during nesting season, which is April through July. Signs are posted in the area to alert visitors of nest sensitivity and will be updated once nesting season is over. | Facebook Lake Tahoe USFS