Stay off Castle Rock for nesting falcons


Tahoe Rim Trail Association staff has had increased reports of peregrine falcon activity since they are coming into the Tahoe Basin to make nests. This year, peregrine falcons have returned to their Castle Rock nest. Castle Rock is a connector trail, vista point and recreational climbing area on the Tahoe Rim Trail near Kingsbury North Trailhead.

Previously endangered, the falcons have seen a rebound in population due to safe practices to give nesting young ample space. Until the end of July, look for signage indicating peregrine nesting grounds. Anyone in the area should be aware of birds acting disturbed and retreat when necessary.

Do not walk on the top of Castle Rock. Do not use drones at the top of Castle Rock. If you hear loud bird calls or see raptors diving, you are too close. Return the way you came. Keep in mind that you may encounter peregrines, not only at Castle Rock but also nesting in other tall rocky outcroppings all around Tahoe. Give them space and respect. |