Discover Tahoe Sierra’s lakes, peaks

Meghan Kelly soaks in this breathtaking panorama of Lake Tahoe in the background and the private Cascade Lake in the foreground. There are many lakes other than Lake Tahoe to explore in the region. Read Priya Hutner’s story “South Shore’s stunning summer lake escapes” in this edition. Photography by Matt Bansak |, @Matt.Bansak.Photography

Discover Tahoe Sierra’s lakes, peaks
Lake Tahoe is and always will be the No. 1 reason people come to our region in the summer. It’s dazzling blue waters have drawn people to its shores every summer for more than 100 years, but there are many other lakes to enjoy other than Lake Tahoe.

Priya Hutner continues her occasional series on other lakes to enjoy in this edition with her feature “South Shore’s stunning summer lake escapes.” From Fallen Leaf Lake and Echo Lakes to the 130 lakes of Desolation and the little-known Lake Baron, among others, there are many beautiful lakes to explore. Some are easy to reach, while others will require hiking to them, but each is spectacular in its own way. Read the story and plan an outing to one of our many other local lakes and you can read Part I on the lakes of Truckee at

“High Sierra: A Love Story”
New York Times bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson has been traversing the peaks and passes of the Sierra Nevada for decades (including many outings in Desolation Wilderness) and recently released his first nonfiction work on his adventures (and misadventures) in “High Sierra: A Love Story.” Priya interviewed Robinson for her feature “A science fiction writer’s love affair with the High Sierra” in this edition in advance of his upcoming talk on Aug. 31. I’m currently reading “High Sierra” and I would highly recommend his collection of essays to anyone who loves the Sierra.

Street-eye view of Tahoe
When you’re planning your next adventure on Lake Tahoe, I recommend checking out the Lake Tahoe Shoreline Map for a street-view-style tour of the lake’s shores. Tim Hauserman recently interviewed Brian Footen, who has been remapping the shoreline this summer by kayak, for his feature “Kayak’s eye view of Lake Tahoe.” It’s fun to explore the shoreline map using your computer or mobile device and kids would likely enjoy it, as well.