Mudsnails found in Lake Tahoe


New Zealand mudsnails were found in the South Shore in September, according to a press release from TRPA. Divers surveying invasive weeds discovered the tiny snails on the bottom of the lake nearly half a mile offshore from the mouth of the Upper Truckee River. The invasive species has previously been detected in the Lower Truckee River. Scientists will be conducting lake-wide dive surveys to determine the extent of the infestation.

New Zealand mudsnails are often smaller than a grain of rice. Like many invasive species, without natural predators or controls, they can outcompete native species and harm the ecosystem. First discovered in 1987 in Idaho, the snails can colonize new waters quickly and, due to their small size, are difficult to detect.

Invasive species can be transported on boats, fishing gear, paddle craft, life vests and beach toys. The most effective way to prevent their spread is to clean, drain and dry boats and gear before entering a new waterbody. |