Map shows water refill stations

Take Care Tahoe

Take Care Tahoe has released a new Drink Tahoe Tap Map that lists locations where people can freely fill up reusable water bottles. Local businesses and recreation areas that have joined the initiative are helping with the transition away from plastic bottles by making their refill stations available to the public, according to a press release.

The new ban in the City of South Lake Tahoe aims to curb the use of single-use plastic water bottles, which are one of Tahoe’s most common types of litter. Plastic bottles can break down over time into tiny microplastics and can pollute Lake Tahoe and other waterways. South Lake Tahoe’s plastic water bottle ordinance went into effect for city-run and permitted events in April 2023. The plastic water bottle ban expands to all businesses in the city on April 22, 2024.

Sourced from rain and snowmelt at the top of the watershed, Tahoe Tap offers water of exceptional purity and taste and is 99.5 percent pure, like distilled water, according to the release.

Visit the website to find refill locations. |