Less trash on Nevada shoreline

Clean Up the Lake

Clean Up The Lake, the environmental nonprofit responsible for the 72-mile cleanup of Lake Tahoe, recently completed a two-year monitoring effort the lake, revealing less litter in nearshore areas on the Nevada side. Conservation dive teams revisited 20 litter hot spots in the 0 to 25-foot depths that were identified during the 72-mile cleanup of Lake Tahoe in 2021, according to a press release. Analysis on cleanups on the California shoreline has not yet been completed.

The 0- to 25-foot zone of these Nevada hot spots produced 2,937 lbs. of litter in 2021, compared to 879.5 lbs. of submerged litter in 2023. The totals from the initial clean-up and monitoring efforts indicate that divers removed 77 percent of the litter in these locations in 2021.

Divers also performed 40 deep dive surveys between the 35- and 70-foot depths near each hot spot to better assess litter loads and aquatic invasive species. The deep dives revealed a high concentration of litter still exists in Lake Tahoe within the 35- to 55-foot zone, with Clean Up the Lake planning future projects to address these areas. | cleanupthelake.org