Tahoe National Forest opens motorized roads, trails

All motorized roads and trails across the Tahoe National Forest opened May 1, 2020. Trash removal services are unavailable at this time and toilet facilities are still closed. | fs.usda.gov/tahoe

The following conditions apply at these popular riding areas (updated May 7, 2020):

The Downieville multiple-use trail system will still have moderate to heavy snow in higher elevations (much like every year) and connection routes to higher elevations will be impassable.

The westside of the Burlington Motorcycle Trail system has favorable soil moisture conditions and is actively being cleared of down winter trees.

The Sugar Pine OHV system has favorable soil moisture conditions and is actively being cleared of down winter trees. Additionally:

  • Parker and Sugar Pine staging areas are open for day-use only. Overnight camping is not permitted at these staging areas at this time.
  • The Brimstone staging area is closed.
  • Be aware of downed winter trees. Tahoe National Forest trail crews should have most Sugar Pine OHV system trails cleared by the upcoming weekend, but the potential for down winter trees may exist on some remote and outlier routes.

The Boca/Stampede OHV system is open.

The Bear Valley OHV system is open.

Fordyce Jeep Trail – Passible from Eagle up to Committee Crossing and back, not possible to get out from Committee to Fordyce Lake Road.

Westside of the Tahoe National Forest

  • Diamond Creek – Patchy snow and muddy conditions
  • Gold Valley – Closed at Gold Lake Highway. Windfall, inaccessible due to snow on road
  • Excelsior – Snow remains in shady areas, muddy in spots
  • Chalk Bluff – Muddy conditions
  • Omega – Muddy conditions
  • Alpha – Some mud conditions
  • Burlington – Some mud conditions
  • Bowman – Clear to 18/17 junction. Rapid snow melt after, treefall and snow patches may exist.
  • Cal-Ida – Open to Halls Ranch
  • Fiddle Creek – Open, watch for windfall
  • Texas Hill – Onion Valley accessible, windfall on road. Snow and muddy conditions exist
  • Eureka – Snow conditions may exist past mile post 2.5
  • Long Point Access – Muddy conditions
  • Jouberts – Poor road condition, snow and tree limbs in road
  • Madrone Spring – Good condition
  • Washington Ridge – Good condition
  • Packer Lake Road –impassable due to snow

Eastside of the Tahoe National Forest

  • Fiberboard (07 Road) – Passable to Weber Lake, then heavy snow coverage
  • Yuba Weber – Snow covered and not accessible
  • Carmen Valley – Road is snow free and in good condition and passable.
  • Nicholas Mill – Road is snow free and in good condition for about 2.5 miles. Then blocked by snow.
  • Verdi Peak – Blocked by snow
  • Haskel Peak – Blocked by snow
  • Babbit – Passable to Jones Valley
  • Sawtooth (06 Road) – Passable to Second Gate
  • Sardine Road- Snow Free
  • Bear Valley Road – Snow free, good condition and passable.Local County Roads within the Tahoe National Forest
  • Boca/Stampede – Clear
  • Mosquito Ridge – Clear to Hell Hole
  • Foresthill Road – Clear to Sailor Flat, patches of snow on road possible after Sailor Flat
  • Indian Springs Road – Clear to OHV Trail Head
  • Gold Lake Highway – Open