Low litter levels in Echo Lakes

Clean Up the Lake
Clean up at Echo Lakes. | Clean Up the Lake

Echo Lakes show no signs of the extensive litter problems that exist in neighboring lakes, the nonprofit Clean Up The Lake announced in a press release following its first SCUBA-enabled pilot research project to evaluate litter accumulations and survey for aquatic invasive species (AIS) in the lakes.

While litter was found during the project, Lower Echo Lake was significantly less littered than other lakes in the region like Lake Tahoe, Fallen Leaf and Donner Lake, according to the release.

During this project, Clean Up the Lake targeted areas along the subsurface shoreline in Lower Echo Lake where the highest level of human activity occurs. These high activity sites often correlate with greater litter accumulation and non-motorized vessel launching.

Volunteer dive teams removed 36 pounds of lightweight litter items from a stretch along the most heavily populated section of the lake’s shore. This compares to the average of 175.5 pounds of litter per half mile found in Lake Tahoe. Divers also identified four heavy lift items, including an oil drum and a fire hose, that will require additional equipment to remove. Read about other clean up efforts at YourTahoeGuide.com/trash. | cleanupthelake.org