Allen Stone: The Gospel Hippie Wonder


Allen Stone | Jack McKain

Allen Stone’s musical journey began in the small town of Chewalah, Wash., where, as a pastor’s son, he was raised on gospel music. After dropping out of college, he moved to Seattle to pursue a music career. He drove up and down the West Coast in an ’87 Buick to any venue that would have him, eventually putting on more than 200 shows a year.

Stone soon gained a reputation for his powerful live performances and unique ability to channel sensitivity, hope and promise into song. By blending soul-pop, folk-rock, R&B and funk, he’s found his way to becoming a mentor on American Idol and opening for Chris Stapleton, Marcus King and Grace Potter this summer.

Stone performs with San Luis Obispo groovers Próxima Parada at Crystal Bay Casino in Crystal Bay, Nev., on June 9 at 8 p.m. |